Speaker Charles McCall

A wealthy banker from the Ada area that literally bought his way into the Speaker position using campaign donations to regular members.  Usually the position is bought and sold using positions in leadership or giving committee chairmanship posts.  McCall just used cash

Harold Wright, Pro Tem

A businessman from the Weatherford area that owns four radio stations.

Wright also used cold hard cash to bribe….errr… offer campaign donations to regular members in order to secure his position.  Wright spent  about $20,000 to purchase a position that pays less than that.

Jon Echols, Majority Floor Leader

An attorney/businessman from the Oklahoma City area that owns a medical company that provides services to jails.

Jon earned his Majority Floor Leader the old fashioned way, selling his votes to special interest in exchange for campaign donations that were used to influence  other legislators (AKA bribe).

Glen Mulready, Floor Leader

Mulready is a former lobbyist for Blue Cross Blue Shield.  He earned his position by leading the charge to impose Obama Care Health Insurance Exchanges upon the state.

Floor Leaders are basically the heavy handed goons that use threats and bribes of campaign cash to influence legislators into betraying their voters.