Rep. Stan May 2019

Republican Party Platform Sets the Standards

The higher the score the more conservative the legislator

2019 Oklahoma Trump Index of 11

Got 17 vote wrong 

Towns in district include:   Bixby, Broken Arrow, Coweta

Zip codes in district include:  74008, 74011, 74012, 74014

Link to District map

Representative Stan May did a great  job representing his voters this year. He got 17 votes wrong  that put him to be at 42nd spot from the top and 60th spot from the bottom of the index list.  Here is their contact info, please contact them and voice your opinion on their voting record.

Legislative Assistant:
Zack Swift* 
(405) 557-7338 
*Interim Coverage

Below is a list of the bills where Stan May made bad votes according to the Republican Party.

HB1014 Finger Print Bill allows the OSBI to access drivers license finger prints and bio metric info without a court order. The legislation is supposed to help those that are missing, endangered, or deceased. The first two categories are wide open to interpretation and thus subject to abuse. We were told that these real ID bio metrics would be kept confidential but once the data is out there it will show up anywhere and be abused. This increases privacy abuses without a corresponding benefit for security.

HB 1089 Hospital Subsidy Program Extension This legislation extends the supplemental hospital offset payment program fee for five years. The system taxes the hospitals, then uses the money to provide care for welfare recipients and trigger federal dollars to flow in to Oklahoma. For 2019, hospitals will pay SHOPP assessments of $204 million, and receive supplemental payments of $475 million. This is bad legislation, people ought to have skin in the game for medical care and pay for the majority of their own needs which helps keep all medical care costs down.

HB 1100 slashes the penalties for selling drugs in school zones and makes it much harder to prosecute criminals for selling drugs to school students. It reduces the distance from a school from 2000 feet to 500 feet and only allows the use of the statute during hours of school operation. So a drug dealer targeting a school isn’t going to be doing business while class is in session but will conduct business before or after the school is let out. The bill cuts prison time from seven years to life in prison to not more than ten years in prison.




Do the math, a typical defendant will spend a year awaiting trial then serve no more than one fifth to one third of his sentence after good time behavior. So you could be seeing a two year sentence, minus the year awaiting trial, one year in prison. Worse, they plead these cases down to misdemeanors or simple possession all the time and even with felony sentences they give our far more suspended and deferred sentences than they do actual prison terms. The sad fact is that you usually go to prison for refusing to pay the court costs and fees rather than selling drugs to school kids. The bill didn’t make it through the process so is still a live round for next session.


HB 1263 Zero Emission Tax Credit This bill extends the zero emission tax credits for up to ten years and allows the credits to be carried further than 10 years but refundable at 85%. These tax credits don’t create jobs, they reward businesses that bribe politicians.

HB 1411 Affordable Housing Builder Credit In Metro extends the affordable housing tax credit, expands the counties where the credit is available and limits the carry forward to two years from five years. Pure corporate welfare, these houses would be built regardless of any tax credit. This is just businesses and a trade association bribing legislators to get money back.


HB1774 route 66 commission act was pushed by idiot Lt. Gov. Matt Pinell. The idea is to spend millions preparing for a centennial celebration for Route 66. What a waste of tax dollars just a greasy turd politician gets some publicity.


HB 2009 the Reduced Prison Time for Sex Offenders Act reduces sentence on second conviction for non violent and sex offenders. Now sex offenders face up to twice the original sentence if they are caught and convicted again. Had this bill passed this year sex offenders would face only up to one quarter of original sentence plus whatever sentence is handed down for the second offense. Keep in mind that most crimes are pled way down to avoid the cost of a prosecution and trial so the majority of these child molesters never face serious prison time under the 85% rule. Luckily the bill failed to pass but it is still a live round for next session.


HB 2095 Clean Fuels Credit Extension Extends the tax credit on clean fuel vehicles seven more years, removes hydrogen fuel cells from the list of acceptable technologies, but lowers the tax credit amount for passenger cars and trucks and massively raises it for heavy trucks. Limits it to $20 million a year but this is basically welfare for trucking companies and large fleet owners.








HB 2218 Waive Court Costs for Criminals Act This bill waives fines, costs, and fees if a parolee is enrolled in work training, school, or vo tech center. The law credits the value of a forty hour week at minimum wage against court fees and costs. Nothing states that the parolee or ex con has to complete the classes or pass, attendance alone will chop off $290.00 per week so in ten weeks of class the average convicted felon will have his court fines and fees paid. Considering that the vast majority of convicts rarely pay a cent of their court fines and fees and if they do it is at $40.00 per month, this seems excessive. It also drives a lot of career criminals into school for a few months without asking if they are even a candidate for straightening up their lives. A change to requiring a completion of a degree would help, as would allowing them $40.00 per month credit to keep the court off their back while they are in school. But allowing over $1,100.00 in fees and fine credit for nothing is a very bad idea and subject to abuse.

The bill also makes a maximum of two years on DA supervision and limits the cost to $40 per week. That is actually a decent idea although $40.00 a month plus drug testing would be enough for a parolee. The law also allowed a judge to consider if the convict was working a job and allow weekend incarceration instead of revocation and prison yet judges already have the ability to do this and more. The law also limits deferred sentences to four years and community supervision to one year. And what is community supervision? The Court supervises the convicts, they walk in the door, lay down a check, and leave. Parts of this bill are good and meet the idea that once a criminal pays his price to society they are helped to get back on their feet but if they don’t pay their fines and fees all they have lost was a few months or years of their liberty and lets face it, if that was precious to them they wouldn’t be criminals. With work this bill could meet the Trump standard but it doesn’t in the current form.

HB 2273 The Parolee Protection Act waters down the parole violation process and allows acceleration in the last six months of the convict’s sentence. Keep in mind how little of a sentence is actually served, from one fifth to one third of the time the sentence lists. You will find convicts with six year sentences going into prison one year and coming out the next and this legislation would cut that time in half if a pardon was requested. Again, this doesn’t help an convict that has served his time, it shortens his time to a ridiculous amount and provides a graduated scale of punishments, limits the sentence after a parole violation to two years.




HB 2367 Workers Comp Subsidy To Insurers Expands the ability for workers to get benefits for repetitive injuries by striking out the clause that required 180 days of work at the company before repetitive injuries could be claimed. This bill was pushed by the corrupt Rep. Chris Kannady to pay off his lawyer donors. The half year requirement made sense to avoid workers comp fraud by workers. Working in a factory is physically demanding but workers get used to it and shouldn’t expect a workers comp check for normal aches and pains from working.

HB 2369 created the Criminal Justice Coordinating Commission, a new 13 member commission studying soft on crime solutions to the prison over crowding. No good will come of this committee as they left out law enforcement and the bail industry representatives in favor of liberal non profits that are bleeding the criminals dry by shuttling them through one of their own non profits that charges hundreds of dollars a month.

HB 2739 Gov.’s Closing Fund Subsidy This is pure corporate welfare, a slush fund for the Governor, added $5 million dollars to the quick closing fund.

SB 184 DNA on arrest bill. This law allows the capture of DNA on arrest and it throws the door wide open on who is allowed to collect the DNA instead of relying upon trained law enforcement officers. It also changes the use from law enforcement purposes to DNA identification purposes.

SB 200 expanded tax credit for films. Another Lt. Gov. Matt Pinell supported scheme to provide corporate welfare for campaign donors. The legislation was passed years ago but Pinell bragged in one of his mail outs about extending the corporate welfare program.

SB 608 Liquor distribution law change. This was pushed by a big donor to Rep. Chris Kannady, a guy named Hendershot out of Tulsa who runs a liquor operation. Hendershot and Kannady were very bold in skirting ethics rules and state law to the point of distributing checks during the legislative session and making it very obvious that the checks were quid pro quo for supporting this legislation. The law basically forces suppliers to sell to all wholesalers regardless of quality standards and regardless of the amount of markup on the liquor. Whether it is good for consumers or not isn’t being debated; but the strong handed corruption involved is enough to question anyone that took Hendershot’s cash and voted for this legislation. The measure also may well violate the state constitution by restricting free choice of who a manufacture can sell to.

SB 749 Infrastructure Funding Assistance to Corporations serving Military. Sounds good but it actually expands Oklahoma Development Finance Authority loans to for profit businesses. AKA corporate welfare for companies that would have zero problem qualifying for a loan from a bank.








Rep. Mike Ritze

Republican Party Platform Sets the Standards

The higher the score the more conservative the legislator

2018 RINO Score of 92

Got 1 vote wrong and 1 missed vote

Towns in district include:   Bixby, Broken Arrow, Coweta

Zip codes in district include:  74008, 74011, 74012, 74014

Link to District map

Representative Mike Ritze did a great  job representing his voters this year. He got 1 vote wrong and 1 missed vote  that put him to be at 2nd spot from the top and 99th spot from the bottom of the index list.  Here is their contact info, please contact them and voice your opinion on their voting record.

Legislative Assistant:
Natasha Holliday 
(405) 557-7338

 Below is the special session where Mike Ritze voted wrong on the tax increase.



HB 1023xx Teacher pay raise N is conservative, Y is liberal. The cause of these teacher raise taxes. Extortion was used, the kids and parents were used, and the strike went on even after the huge tax increases and raises were passed into law. The teacher unions are really using the situation to press for more Democrats being elected. Legislators that angered their own Republican base by voting for these massive taxes then got harassed and threatened at the Capitol for two weeks. Extortion has no place in politics, especially from state employees supported with tax dollars.


Rep. Mike Ritze

Republican Party Platform Sets the Standards

The higher the score the more conservative the legislator

2017 RINO Score of 90

Got all votes right but missed four votes.

Representative Mike Ritze did a great  job representing his voters this year. He missed four votes due to illness in the family,  that put him to be at 4th spot from the top and 97th spot from the bottom of the index list.  Here is their contact info, please contact them and voice your opinion on their voting record.

Legislative Assistant:
Natasha Holliday 
(405) 557-7338











 2017 Special Session Index Score   100

He got  all of the votes correct.

Oklahoma was subjected to the cost of two special elections late in 2017 in an effort to raise taxes to cover the tax increases that were knocked down by the Supreme Court in the summer of 2017.  There weren’t a lot of bills heard, no bills to cut waste or make government more efficient were considered thanks to a veto threat by Gov. Mary Fallin.  The  tax increase votes that this legislator did not voted for are below:

HB 1035X, the tax increase on cigarettes and other tobacco.

The vote was 54 to 44

, with 76 votes needed to pass thanks to the constitutional protections of SQ 640. Follow the link above to view the votes of the House members. This was a bad vote for many reasons, first the tobacco taxes impact the poor, working classes, and the mentally ill more than anyone else. Very little of the money was to be used to stop smoking, and we have the TSET funds for that already that are being wasted on bike trails and paid ads telling us to drink water. The pointed out waste in the budget hadn’t been addressed, in fact Fallin threatened to veto any bill that cut waste. No audits have been done despite the loss or theft of tens of millions of dollars in state money.


HB 1054X, which taxed cigarettes, tobacco, and added new fuel taxes.

That one nearly passed, 71 to 27,

with 76 votes needed to raise taxes thanks to SQ 640’s protections. One has to know that this was once again another log rolling bill that would have been challenged had it passed.


HB 1085X, which was another Gross Production Tax increase from 2% to 4% and/or a change in exemption dates. It failed on a

64 to 31 vote, needing 76 to pass. We at STP are ambivalent on the GPT increases for several reasons. First some change needs done because the old vertical well businesses are penalized while the newer horizontal wells, fracking, are given massive tax exemptions. Yet raising




Picture of the special session RINO Index score

taxes of any kind before the waste is looked at and agency performance audits are done overrides the imbalance in taxation and the resulting unfairness. The fact is that the donor class are terrified over SQ 795 vote coming up in November, they see their bribe money paid to legislators going down the drain if that thing passes.

SQ 795 puts an additional 5% GPT tax on oil wells in the first 36 months

, evading the bought and paid for tax evasion credits that the donor classes paid to have passed in earlier years. The money will go to teacher pay increases and education. In the end HB 1085X was a vote to head off SQ 795 passing by passing slightly higher taxes for the oil industry and as it would be simple legislation it could later be overturned and rolled back to the old corporate welfare. Not so with the state question.

HB 1033XX was the notorious Step On Oklahoma Plan, fronted by the same old suspects in the donor class and the Oklahoman and other liberal media. Presented as a bunch of newly energized disinterested businessmen that spontaneously put together a plan to “save” the state from the incompetent legislature (whom they had bribed to raise taxes illegally) the plan and the “heroes” and selfless men and women that were pushing the plan were constantly paraded on the liberal media.

HB 1033X went down 63 to 35 with 76 votes needed to pass.

The bill would have place nearly a half billion dollars in new and increased tobacco taxes despite the hundreds of millions of TSET money that was being wasted each year on “drink more water” ads and bike trails. TSET has always been corporate welfare and a place for politicians to find work after terming out of office.

HB 1020XX was one of the only bills where a Yes vote was good as it was a small cut to state agencies to balance the budget. The Democrats messed up voting against this but that is their tactics, to try to rally their base by obstructing. Kind of weird, our allies in stopping the tax increases but they are against balancing the budget with some tiny cuts.