Who are We?

A Loose Coalition of Voters and Activists

The core of our group is the Sooner Tea Party, which is itself a very loose coalition of people that have seen the power of pushing back against corrupt government.

The Tea Party movement flourished in 2009 and 2010 and much of the mass action slowed but the hard core remained and learned how to be effective against a hostile media and hostile state, local, and federal governments.

The resulting movement is much like an Apache war party back in the 1900’s.  No real organized structure or permanent members but when a good project pops up with a good leader people will flock to participate on that one project even if they might not agree with other ideals or projects of the movement.

An example was the 2013 project to support legislation that would have prevented Oklahoma state and local governments from using the Agenda 21 templates and plans for city planning or rural land use.  Instead it would have required local solutions to local problems and needs.  The legislation was being killed in the Senate by one man after passing the House of Representatives by a massive bi partisan vote and the resulting battle lead to the infamous and illegal blackmail charges against a Tea Party leader.  The charges led to an illegal conviction that was overturned at the Appellate  level in a landmark First Amendment case.

A First Amendment Landmark Case

At that jury trial the “victim”, the very state senator that was killing the local control legislation by refusing to hear the bill in his committee, testified that the Tea Party leader was responsible for funneling over 800 emails per day and a phone call every 15 seconds into his office in support of hearing and passing the legislation.

The public outcry and support didn’t sway the corrupt senator but the battled weakened him enough through bad publicity that he lost his bid that year to run for the state Corporation Commission.  His name was dragged through the mud and allegations were brought up, more than enough to sway enough voters that his opponent won by a few percent.  A costly victory but also a learning experience for the other politicians:  if you fight you might lose.

These days there is a thriving community of online activists and bloggers that usually cooperate to spread information that the politicians would rather stay in the darkness.  Many of us cooperate to drive the corruption from the ranks of politicians and if not remove the baddest of the bad the friction and controversy scares enough politicians straight long enough to make a difference.

But without the voters of the political districts contacting their state rep or state senator nothing would happen.  Literally a half dozen phone calls or emails from actual constituents of a politician are enough to stampede them into doing the right thing.  Activists are effective only when their voices strike a nerve with the voters and only when the issues are bad enough to motivate the voters who are usually inundated with work, family, and their own problems and issues.