The Legislators

RINO means Republican In Name Only.  Every two years a fresh crop of freshmen legislators comes in and usually House Leadership corrupts them with promises or threats.

This last time there were around 35 freshmen and boy did they go wrong.

Follow the link below for a list of the legislators with their Index scores, list of zip codes and towns represented, and a link to the page for that district

House Leadership

A list of the legislators that have sold out completely to the special interests for campaign donations.

These are the men and women that corrupt incoming legislators using both carrots and sticks.

Most of these legislators are well insulated with hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations that allow them to survive elections using advertising.

How Does the System Work and Why is it so Corrupt?

Good people tend to think the best of others as they themselves would do the right thing.  However, politicians are NOT like the average person and when a normal person gets elected by a stroke of luck, much of the time they get corrupted quickly by leadership or power.


You Can Make a Difference

Legislators usually only hear from lobbyists and special interests that are trying to sway them to vote against the common good and against the voters that sent them to represent their district.

When an actual constituent from their district calls or emails the legislator that can quickly turn a legislator around.